PERFORMANCE PRESENTATION: Sunday August 14 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

I was born in the United States to Ecuadorian parents. As a young girl I was always singing on my karaoke machine. My microphone was my favorite toy, even more so after I watched the film titled, Selena. I wanted to sing just like her. At age 8, I joined the church choir and at age 10 I participated in my first talent show. It was the first time I sang in public and also the defining moment in which I realized that singing was truly my passion. The feeling that comes over me as I step foot on stage is truly special. Since then I participate annually in school choirs and performances. In 2012 I began vocal training at the Ontario Conservatory of Music and took part in many summer contests. I took the first place title in genres such as Pop, Jazz and musical theatre. In 2013, when I graduated I was presented with the Performing Arts Award. Currently, I’m singing wherever given the opportunity. On June 10th 2016 I was named the winner of the singing competition, Toronto Sings. It was a great experience, one which has motivated me to continue sharing my voice with the Hispanic community.